Global Scarves Becomes Juve-Pro Soccer Official Scarves Providers

Juve-Pro Soccer is proud to announce a partnership with Global Scarves for the 2018 Season as the club’s official scarves providers.

Global Scarves is one of the leading custom soccer scarf providers in the United States and Canada. Our scarves have been used across many leagues including Major League Soccer (MLS), the National American Soccer League (NASL), United Soccer League (USL), youth clubs at all age levels, high schools, hockey teams, corporate events and independent breweries.

“Global Scarves is very excited to be partnering up with Juve-Pro Soccer," said Global Scarves Sales Director, Bill Kristian. "Since our inception one of our core values has been the understanding and respect for all levels of soccer, from grassroots up to the professional level, and providing all levels with the same quality of product and service level. This is something which is not seen elsewhere in the industry, and we are proud to be the company that creates long lasting partnerships across all levels of the beautiful game"

Global Scarves combines their passion for the industry with their high-quality products to give their clients the “True Icon of Support”.

“We are very excited and honor to have Global Scarves join our family as partner,” said Juve-Pro manager, Frilei Brás. “Throughout the soccer world, Global Scarves is known for their great products and service and we are proud to have them as part of Juve-Pro Soccer.”