Juve-Pro Soccer was first founded as Juventus USA  by Gean Alves, Jucélio Dorneles, Ricardo Pereira, Marlon Magalhães, Ivens Bento, Guibson Magalhães and Faghyner Ribeiro.  

They were friends who have known each other since childhood from the small city of Central de Minas east of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

They have all immigrated to United States in search for a better life however the passion for soccer never detained them from finding time to play, so they would meet on weekends to practice. They played some regional tournaments and it was like that for many years.

All founders deserve the due respect, honors and congratulations for all the history builted and years of dedication to this great team.

Our focus as an Elite soccer club is to attract people of all ages. We are Juve-Pro Soccer, an adult male semi-professional soccer team, located in the Norfolk County an area with more than 650,000.00 people that will have a new sports team for entertainment.

Our goal is to show how fascinating soccer is, have a pathway for players to stay fit, compete at a higher level, be part of a professional soccer atmosphere and bring to our city a high-level soccer. A soccer club that can be seen as a safe, fun, and exciting entertainment to our community. 
We strongly believe in the beauty and quality game we can offer and want to bring our great professional soccer players to the people.


Juve-Pro Soccer is dedicated in promoting and improving support soccer among its fans. We are the team that unleashes excitement while providing excellent championship games for our followers. A club all players who dream of playing high level soccer in Massachusetts want to play in.

We reflect the joy of playing professional soccer. We do this by having the best coaches and staff 
available to help our players always improve and succeed. Juve-Pro Soccer is here with a wonderful vision of creating a great club. We developed to the next level of professional sports in Massachusetts thanks to the passion, love and support of our great players and staff, our beloved city, inspiring young kids and surrounding areas.